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Ultra Electronics USSI Fuel Cell Products




  • Reliable
  • Efficient across operating environments
  • Configurable to application, battery chemistry, and voltage
  • Simple installation and operation
  • Significant power savings when paired with solar and/or wind
  • Remote system monitoring, notification, and data logging

Contact Us

The P250i electrochemically converts propane or natural gas fuels into electrical power. The fuel cell needs no oil changes, has no major moving parts, and requires no maintenance cycles. This means the P250i is capable of providing reliable backup power after years of zero maintenance. The P250i system utilizes voltage sensing leads and a remote temperature probe to detect the actual battery voltage and temperature. This information is used to determine optimal charging and discharging battery voltages. The result: maximum use of battery capacity, life, and system safety. These values can be adjusted to accommodate any battery chemistry.

The ideal backup power source for critical applications, the P250i integrates seamlessly with grid, generator, wind, or solar technologies. The P250i provides the assurance and peace of mind that your critical application will continue to operate during extreme circumstances. The P250i can be added into existing infrastructure with minimal effort, or it can be included in new installations. The system is designed to integrate with batteries, solar charge controllers, DC-DC converters, fused external communications, computers, modems, and other customer electronics. We also provide engineering support to maximize the life-cycle cost for each application.


  • Rail signals and controls
  • Remote security
  • Traffic monitoring and management
  • Telecommunications
  • Weather stations
  • Data collection and monitoring
  • Pipeline monitoring and protection
  • LiDar

Contact Us

Our team would enjoy starting a dialogue with you in order to understand your application. We have the ability & models to help you integrate a fuel cell into your power system anywhere around the globe. Please use the form to the fill out your contact information and give us as much specific information you can on your application including load, duty cycle, battery type/chemistry, location coordinates, etc. We look forward to assisting you.

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