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Ultra AMI’s Fuel Cell Provides Backup Power to Busy Houston Traffic Signal

AMI fuel cell provides backup power at busy Houston intersection

Ultra AMI’s fuel cell has been chosen by Harris County, Texas to provide backup power at busy traffic intersections. A case study by Intelight describes the need for the robust back up power provided by the fuel cell, in use in Houston:

“Houston has its share of traffic and, as hurricane Rita and Ike showed them, its share of prolonged power outages. First Responders are often trapped in the traffic jams caused by the power outage, and signal crews are often left trapped themselves, unable to reach the signal to restore power or reset the signal. Even the shortest power outages cause severe impact to traffic, one that requires significant time to return to normal. It was with this in mind that Harris County hoped to mitigate the impact of power outages by providing the signal with”¦ a nearly limitless supply of power (in the case of the CNG fuel cell location).”

More information is on the Intelight website.