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National Research Council report: Remote power needed in the field

Military Fuel Cell

In its May 10 issue, National Defensemagazine reported that “U.S. Soldiers Need Better Equipment, Study Concludes”.  The article highlights a study conducted by the National Research Council that concludes that military technology and equipment aren’t keeping pace with battlefield realities.

Specific to battlefield power, the article says:

Massive loads of batteries that soldiers need to power their devices contribute to the problem. “There is no doctrinal philosophy for the small unit to recharge the battery; there is no organizational equipment to support recharging; there is no hint of the training required; there is no parallel materiel development of a recharger or fuel reformer to exploit new rechargeable battery or fuel-cell technologies,” the study says. “Advances in portable power will contribute to the decisiveness of small units by giving future soldiers high confidence that their equipment ensemble will have sufficient energy to carry out the mission. Achieving this goal will help to reduce fatigue, eliminate the anxiety associated with resupply.”

The Ultra AMI Defender fuel cell is designed to meet the needs of soldiers in the field.  We are proud to work with DARPA and the military to make the Defender more widely used on the battlefield