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National Defense reports: Fuel Cells Seen as Potential Way to Lighten Soldier Loads

Reporting from the recent 6th Annual Soldier and Marine Modernization Meeting in Arlington, Va, National Defensemagazine highlighted the real potential for fuel cells on the battlefield.  The article, available on the publication’s website, says, “More efficient portable power sources are needed to help lighten the load of soldiers and Marines.”

AMI’s Defender fuel cell has been used in several military tests and has proven effective in battlefield settings.  TheRoAMIo Defender is lightweight, portable and powered by globally available propane.

In the article, Patrick McGrath, a science and engineering technical advisor at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), offers that the military is looking at options to get fuel cells in the hands of soldiers.

“We are looking not just at the promise of fuel cells that people have been talking about for decades, but getting fuel cells into real missions and accomplishing things in the field,” said McGrath.