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Ultra Electronics USSI Fuel Cell Products

Latest News

AMI Delivers 20 Fuel Cells to TARDEC for Unmanned Vehicles

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – APRIL18, 2012 ”” ANN ARBOR, MICH. – With the delivery of 15 field-ready fuel cells, Ultra Electronics, AMI (AMI) recently completed its $4.2 million multi-year contract with the U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC) to provide fuel cells for unmanned ground vehicles (UGV).

AMI manufactured 20 of its 250-watt PowerPod fuel cells for TARDEC; as per the contract specifications, 15 fuel cells were delivered to the client and five underwent extensive testing.

“AMI’s work with its military partners continues to push forward the boundaries of existing technology, including UGVs and unmanned aerial vehicles,” said Aaron Crumm, AMI president. “In testing and demonstrations in real field settings, AMI fuel cells achieved a 12-hour, 40-mile demonstration on the iRobot Packbot. Our fuel cell also powered a 24-hour persistent stare. In fact, our fuel cells have performed so well, we were rated four out of five stars in recent field tests by soldiers.”

AMI’s fuel cell systems will provide power to TARDEC’s QinetiQ Talon and the iRobot Packbot UGVs, enabling up to 10 hours of active mission use or up to 30 hours of persistent stare capabilities. Soldiers use UGVs for disarming improvised explosive devices, surveillance and other capabilities where a robot can be used to keep them out of harm’s way.

As part of AMI and TARDEC’s testing of the fuel cell systems, new endurance records for both the Talon and the iRobot Packbot UGV systems were achieved.

About Ultra Electronics, AMI
Based in Ann Arbor, Mich., Ultra Electronics Adaptive Materials, Inc. (AMI) is the first company to develop, demonstrate and deliver a portable, affordable, and fuel flexible solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) system. The company offers 90 and 300-watt fuel cell systems that are powered by globally available and energy dense propane, butane and LPG. Adaptive Materials’ fuel cell system provides portable power to the United States Armed Forces as well as industries including leisure, remote monitoring, and medical devices. For more information, visit

About Ultra Electronics
Ultra Electronics is an internationally successful defense and aerospace company with a long, consistent track record of development and growth. Ultra businesses constantly innovate to create solutions to customer requirements that are different from and better than those of the Group’s competitors. The Group has over 100 distinct market or technology niches within its 24 businesses. The diversity of niches enables Ultra to contribute to a large number of defense, aerospace and civil platforms and programs and provides resilience to the Group’s financial performance.
Ultra has world-leading positions in many of its niches and, as an independent, non-threatening partner, is able to support all of the main prime contractors with specialist capabilities and solutions. As a result of such positioning, Ultra’s systems, equipment or services are often mission-critical to the successful operation of the platform to which they contribute. In turn, this mission-criticality secures Ultra’s positions for the long term, which underpin the superior financial performance of the Group.
Ultra offers support to its customers through the design, delivery and support phases of a program. Ultra businesses have a high degree of operational autonomy where the local management teams are empowered to devise and implement competitive strategies that reflect their expertise in their specific niches. The Group has a small head office and executive team that provide to the individual businesses the same agile, responsive support that they provide to customers as well as formulating Ultra’s overarching, corporate strategy.