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Ultra Electronics - USSI Awarded Follow-On Contract for Fuel Cell System for Rail Customer

COLUMBIA CITY, Indiana (February 10, 2016) – Ultra Electronics USSI announces today that it has been awarded a follow-on contract for a large volume of Fuel Cell Systems from strategic partner RedHawk Energy Systems, LLC of Pataskala, Ohio. The P250i Fuel Cell system provides 24/7 extended run back-up power for railway signals and crossings and is powered by commercially-available propane. This order adds to the existing installation base within North America and provides Ultra Electronics USSI additional backlog to the existing fuel cell production line.

The P250i Fuel Cell is designed to provide 250 watts of extended run back-up power to recharge a battery bank at a rail wayside installation – allowing for days, weeks and even months of back-up power, instead of hours.  The system is designed to sense the battery bank’s voltage and temperature and automatically turn on to recharge the battery bank when battery voltage dips below a pre-determined threshold. Systems are self-contained in an environmental cabinet, ready to install adjacent to trackside railway equipment bungalows, and include necessary operational controls. The system contains a secure compartment for propane fuel as well as a telematics communication system to allow remote monitoring of system status and fuel level.

“The P250i Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) system is ideal for this application”, said Patrick Allison, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Rail customers need 24/7, reliable, maintenance-free backup power for these critical locations.” Our system significantly reduces labor-intensive routine maintenance associated with legacy technologies and increases both reliability and human-free operations by utilization of the remote status reporting functions.”

RedHawk has been a long-standing supplier of prime and back-up power solutions to the rail industry, including Solar and Wind powered systems. The P250i Fuel Cell is used as an extended backup to AC power or can be integrated into a Solar/wind power system. This award is the latest for the successful Ultra Electronics USSI /RedHawk Energy Systems team.  

To learn more about our strategic partner, RedHawk Energy Systems, please visit www.redhawkenergy.net

The robust USSI SOFC unit is designed to meet the most rigorous requirements of defense and commercial customers. It can operate in the most extreme environments and requires no regular maintenance or upkeep like more traditional backup power options such as generators. Fuel Cells can be configured to operate with all battery types and voltages.

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