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Ultra Electronics USSI Fuel Cell Products


Ultra Electronics’ Solid Oxide Fuel Cells were initially developed to provide robust, compact & lightweight power solutions through funding from the US Department of Defense.  All of our products are designed to meet military standards and they have been successfully tested in the lab and in the field in a range of conditions.

Two versions of our military units are currently offered.  The man-carry able D350 provides 350W of peak power in a 10-pound package.  This system is designed to fit under your ruck, and can interface to any number of 12-16V battery chargers.  The D245XR was specifically developed to provide power for UAV and UGV platforms such as the Lockheed Martin Stalker XE ( & MTRS Talon (  The D245XR provides 245W of power in a 5.7-pound package.  Fueled by propane, both of these systems offer as much as a 10x mission range extension over advanced batteries, giving the unmanned systems user more flexibility.

Contact Us

Our team would enjoy starting a dialogue with you in order to understand your application. We have the ability & models to help you integrate a fuel cell into your power system anywhere around the globe. Please use the form to the fill out your contact information and give us as much specific information you can on your application including load, duty cycle, battery type/chemistry, location coordinates, etc. We look forward to assisting you.

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