Ultra Electronics USSI Fuel Cell Products




  • Reliable, lightweight power that makes the impossible possible

  • Proven in UAV and UGV applications as a significant range extender

  • Specifically designed to be tolerant to fine dust and rain

  • Powered by commercially available propane fuel - available worldwide

  • Shock resistant

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The D245XR was specifically developed for those applications demanding lightweight and rugged power systems. The unit has been proven itself as the power source of choice for the world’s largest military contractors, and is the only lightweight fuel cell in its class that is designed to operate on propane fuel that is readily available anywhere in the world.

The D245XR electrochemically converts propane into electrical power that is used to charge on-board batteries and significantly extend mission duration. The ideal power source for unmanned vehicles, the D245XR helps UAVs fly longer with a more functional payload and allows UGVs to roam further while performing essential tasks, including IED defeat. The D245XR powers sensors for longer persistent stare tasks and eliminates multiple battery changes that draw attention to hidden units.


  • Unmanned aerial vehicles
  • Unmanned ground vehicles

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Our team would enjoy starting a dialogue with you in order to understand your application. We have the ability & models to help you integrate a fuel cell into your power system anywhere around the globe. Please use the form to the fill out your contact information and give us as much specific information you can on your application including load, duty cycle, battery type/chemistry, location coordinates, etc. We look forward to assisting you.

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